There is no end zone in education

I often use a quote from Leonard Bernstein when presenting our Strategic Technology Plan at various conferences:

“Two things are needed to achieve great things; a plan, and not quite enough time”

It fits well with everything we have been able to accomplish over the past two and a half years at Garnet Valley. Getting multiple stakeholders to move our district forward to become “Future Ready” was an important part of the process. As equally as important were the goals and deadlines that were set along the way. Without those details, our committee work would have been a lot of conversation, not a lot of action. With the work of many groups we have accomplished our stated goals of:

  • 100% Access to technology for every student (iPads, Chromebooks, PYOD)
  • 100% Access to technology for every teacher (Macbooks)
  • New Productivity Tools (Google Apps for Education)
  • New Learning Management System (Schoology)
  • New Student Information System (Alma)
  • Differentiated Professional Learning (C.H.O.I.C.E.) and (Kyte Learning)
  • Virtual & Blended Learning Opportunities for students (eSchool@GarnetValley)
  • Redesigned Learning and Maker Spaces
  • #GoOpen Movement (Open Education Resources)
  • Rebuilt Infrastructure (Reliable, Fast, Secure)
  • Fiscal Responsibility (No increase to the budget)

No doubt a lot has been achieved in a very short period of time but there is always more to learn and do. Open Education Resources and Blended Learning for our staff and students seem to be next on our list to tackle. As usual there is no end zone in sight, nor should there be as our students and their needs are constantly changing, as is our technology and new ways to leverage it to better personalized learning. Our job as educators is not to keep score, it’s to continually move the ball down the field.


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